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Reiki is a Japanese healing art which means "universal life force energy". Everything has life force energy... humans, plants, trees, rivers, mountains, rocks, etc. Everything on earth has energy and our pets are no exception. We are surrounded by energy every minute of the day. Reiki is a method of interacting with the life force energy surrounding your pet to help them heal their physical being.

My name is Vicki Lennon, and I am a certified Usui Reiki Master/Teacher. I have also been attuned to the Master level in many other Reiki modalities. I live and breathe Reiki. I am a certified Spiritual Animal Healer, an Animal Reiki Practitioner, a Chakra Therapist, and a Registered Metaphysical Practitioner in the World Metaphysical Association. I am currently studying other healing modalities, including shamanism. I am always seeking ways to help animals and their human companions. I am employed at an emergency veterinary clinic, and I volunteer at a local animal shelter giving Reiki to the rescue dogs and cats.  I truly love animals and I am following my spiritual path by helping them. I am a certified Psychic/Intuitive and many times I am able to receive intuitive messages from pets while I am doing Reiki, which help guide me during the healing sessions. 

I have five cats and three dogs (Saffy, Muffles, Mork, Rantu, Raven, Paisley, Aspen and Cameo) who all live indoors with me and my husband in Odessa, Texas, which is my hometown.

I have been a Reiki Master for many years. I became dedicated to energy healing for pets when my precious cat, Rantu, became ill and quickly lost several pounds. His appearance was alarming. After expert veterinary diagnostic procedures, it was determined that Rantu has idiopathic hypercalcemia, meaning the doctors do not know the cause of the high calcium level in his blood which was toxic to him. I began treating Rantu with Reiki and I noticed a positive change in him after just a few treatments. He was more energetic and definitely had a better sense of well being. He was happy again. His last blood test showed his blood calcium level was actually normal, and he is gaining weight little by little. Of course, Rantu is still being monitored, but the change in him is dramatic. After going through this experience and many others with my own pets, I was led by Spirit to offer this extraordinary treatment to all animals who need it. Reiki healing is given with the intent of sending spiritual healing with loving compassion to your pet, and most pets respond to it quickly and enjoy receiving the Reiki energy.

Reiki can be used in many situations. Reiki can help rescue animals who are traumatized from previous abuse or neglect in their lives or just the fear and anxiety that happen to them from being in an animal shelter environment or from being a stray. Reiki can help with behavior problems such as separation anxiety which can cause constant barking or whining, destructive behavior, etc. Reiki can help pets who are terrified during thunderstorms react more calmly. Reiki can help your pet recover faster from surgical procedures, and can actually be used to reduce pain in ill or injured pets. Reiki can help a sick pet have a better sense of well being and is beneficial to pets who have declining health and are in hospice situations. And, even though none of us like to let go of our precious pets when it's time for them to transition, Reiki can help your pet cross over in peace, knowing how much they are loved. Reiki never does any harm. It is always used for the highest good and the health benefits are amazing!

Reiki can even be used to help endangered species and to help heal Mother Earth. There are no limitations to Reiki because distance healing is just as effective as hands on healing, and it works with the life force energy that is a part of our lives, and everything on earth.

If you want to learn to use Reiki to heal your own pets, please visit my beautiful new website where I have l am listing many different reiki modalities, including animal reiki. Of course, if you have any questions about this, please ask me.  

It is the love I have for my pets and other animals that inspired me to create Paws-itively Reiki. It is not uncommon for our pets to guide us on our spiritual journey. One of the paradoxes is that we are here to help them heal, and in their unique way, they are also healing us.

Reiki is not a substitute for regular veterinary care and should only be used to complement veterinary treatment. I am not a doctor and cannot diagnose or prescribe for pets or their owners. I proudly follow the Code of Ethics for Animal Reiki Practitioners which is included in full on this website for your information.

Paws-itively Reiki is fully accredited by the World Metaphysical Association.